11/29 event: Create the WEB Tour | Discover tools & technologies for the modern web. Sorry! This event is sold out.

Join us on Thurs. Nov 29 for another amazing event with Adobe. The next generation of HTML and CSS offer powerful new features for creating content that is graphically rich. It’s never been easier to leverage animation, motion graphics, and sophisticated graphical techniques when building for the modern web. Come see what Adobe is doing to move the web forward in these areas by working on new W3C specifications, tools that help designers create content, and services for testing content across screens.

Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program 6 – 8:00pm. Q&A and networking until 8pm.

Location: University of PA Wharton School, JH Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104

Room: G-255

This event is free, thanks to our sponsors! Pizza and Refreshments will be served.

10/25 Event : Links as Language: How Hyperlinks are Changing the Way We Read & Write

Links as Language: How Hyperlinks Are Changing the Way We Read & Write

They’re the most basic technology on the web, but we underestimate just how much links are changing the way we read and write. Links give writers a way to play with reader expectations and give readers a way to turn the act of reading into a form of gameplay.  We’ll discuss how links actually create meaning, how to use them as an artful writing tool, and how all of this is changing the very nature of knowledge in the 21st century.

Questions Answered

1. How can you use links to make your writing more engaging?

2. How are links turning the web into a text-based game space?

3. What are the best/worst practices for using hyperlinks?

4. What new technologies threaten the future of hyperlinks?

5. How are links enabling a fundamental shift in how we define knowledge?

About the Speaker:
Writer, filmmaker, and content specialist David Dylan Thomas blogs about entertainment and technology at www.daviddylanthomas.com when he’s not shooting Developing Philly, a web series about the rise of the Philadelphia innovation community. He co-hosts the Talking Pictures and Pick 3 podcasts and was recently published in the Fringe essay compilation Fringe Science.  He’s spoken at SXSW, BarCamp Philly, and PodCamp Philly. He currently serves as Director, Cultural Engagement for the John Templeton Foundation.

Register today at : http://panma.eventbrite.com/

Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program 6 – 7:30pm. Q&A and networking until 8pm.

Date: 10/25/12

Location: University of PA Wharton School, JH Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104

Room: G-255

This event is free, thanks to our sponsors! Pizza and Refreshments will be served.

Join us 9/27 for Next Generation of Video Editing & Effects with Autodesk Smoke 2013

We’ve secured a digital artist to demonstrate the next generation of video editing and effects from Autodesk. Whether you have worked in video, broadcast or looking to deliver content to the web you won’t want to miss this great opportunity to witness the magic of this product. The revolutionary all-in-one video editing and effects tool for the Mac. Smoke 2013 connects editing and visual effects like never before. Smoke is the professional choice for all-in-one video editing and effects on the Mac. By integrating familiar editing tools and node-based compositing directly into the timeline, Smoke is revolutionizing video post-production. Save time from complex multi-application workflows by having all the tools you need at your fingertips so you can focus more time and attention on being creative.  See why thousands have downloaded the free pre-release trial copy of Smoke to try it for themselves.

To see it for yourself, simply go to http://usa.autodesk.com/smoke-for-mac/trial/

Learn more about the product at: http://usa.autodesk.com/smoke-for-mac/

Event Sponsor: Video Corporation of America (VCA) is a systems integrator that offers a variety of communication systems, including acquisition, content creation, to post-production, broadcast and display. VCA is a Value-Added Reseller of Autodesk Media & Entertainment solutions, with locations in King of Prussia, PA; Somerset, NJ; and New York City.

Register today at : http://panma.eventbrite.com/

Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program 6 – 7:30pm. Q&A and networking until 8pm.

Date: 9/27/12

Location: University of PA Wharton School, JH Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104

Room: G-255

Happy Summer, our next event will be in September…

We are currently planning our fall events and we’ll be back in September with another great learning event. If you interested in speaking or learning about a particular topic, please use the contact area to share your thoughts.

Designing For Users – April 26th event

We are very happy to announce that the April 26th PANMA event features Jessica Ivins, an expert on UX and user interface design!

Jessica’s talk is titled Useful, Usable & Desirable: Designing for Users

What will you learn? Here’s a summary:

If you ask around about what makes an effective website, many people will tell you that a good website is a website that’s easy to use. But how do you go about making a website–or any product or service–easy to use? While there are plenty of industry leaders, books, articles, and best practices to learn from, what matters is context. For whom are you designing? What are the users’ goals, motivations, and pain points? What are users trying to accomplish? Good design solves real problems. It doesn’t just decorate. How can you design to solve real problems for real people?

This session will explore the fundamentals of user experience. We’ll explore industry best practices and examples of websites that solve real problems for real people. There are many tools and disciplines within user experience, from content strategy to information architecture to user research. By understanding these tools and when to use them, and by understanding the context of each design problem we are faced with, we can begin to understand how to utilize design thinking and creating user experiences that are useful, usable, and desirable.

Sign up for this exciting, informative discussion now: http://panma.eventbrite.com

Date: Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Location: University of PA, Wharton School, JM Huntsman Building, Room G55, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, program runs 6 – 7:30pm. Q&A and networking until 8pm.

Thanks to our sponsors, this event is free! Pizza and soda provided by Wharton Computing

3/29 Event: Project Management – What you need to know

Join us on  March 29th for our Project Management Presentation & Panel.

What you’ll learn:

– Each panelist will have 5 minutes to share up their best tips, techniques and strategies for project management.

– Current strategies for working with clients

– Managing timelines

– How to avoid scope creep

– How to manage client expectations

– How much planning do I need to do?

– What’s SCRUM and should I adopt it?

– Setting ground rules for new projects and training your client (as well as your team)

– A look at several tools for managing projects (Apps vs Web SAS)

– Q & A session with the panel


Rebecca Tversky,  Allied Pixel

Janet Hoffman, Education Management Industry

Patty Alman, Treetop Interactive

Nate Gasser, Rock River Star

Nick Floro, Sealworks Interactive

Frank Taney, Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney


Register today at : http://panma.eventbrite.com/

Location: University of PA Wharton School, JH Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104
Room: G55
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program 6 – 7:30pm. Q&A and networking until 8pm.
This event is free, thanks to our sponsors! Pizza and Refreshments will be served.

Jan 26th event: Adobe and HTML5- The next generation of tools

In the past few months, there has been a number of new tools and new services from Adobe for HTML5. Some of these tools, like PhoneGap Build and jQuery contributions are aimed at developers and some, such as Edge, are more focused on designers. Adobe Evangelist Terry Ryan will give an overview and demos of these and other tools.

This event is free! Pizza will be served!


Location: University of PA, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Room G-55
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Talk will run 6:00-7:30pm. Q&A until 8pm.
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012

October 20: #WhyWeLovePhilly – The Awesome Philly Tech Scene

PANMA continues our Fall event calendar with a blast as we present #WhyWeLovePhilly: The Awesome Philly Tech Scene!

Just want to register? Here you are:  http://panma.eventbrite.com/

Philadelphia has an amazing, diverse and ever-active tech-creative community. Web designers, graphic artists, developers, videographers, content strategists, people in marketing, social media and game development all find a home here. There’s so much going on, it’s easy to miss things you’d like to know about, and here’s your chance to find out what is happening and how to join in and be part of the community!

On Thursday, October 20, PANMA presents a fast paced update on the far reaches of the Philly tech scene. Come hear some of the most active participants in our community talk about the many activities, groups, opportunities and social events going on!

We have two additional speakers!

– Sean Blanda of TechnicallyPhilly
– Kelani Nichole of BarCamp Philly
– Alex Hillman of IndyHall
– Jessica Ivins of PhillyCHI
– Michaelangelo Ilagan of Geekadelphia
– Yasmine Mustafa of Girl Develop It Philly
– Nate Gasser of PhillyPHP and PANMA
– Doug Stewart of the Philly WordPress Meetup
– Howard Tyson of Zivtech
– Mat Schaffer of Philly.rb
– Chris Morrell of PANMA

Date: Thursday, October 20
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Event runs 6-7:30pm. Q&A until 8pm.
Location: Jon M. Huntsman Hall at the Wharton School, 3730 Walnut Street, Room 250
Register now: http://panma.eventbrite.com/

Pizza will be served! And this event is free! (But you must register as space is limited.)

Thank you to Wharton Technology for providing us the space and pizza.

Demystifying Games & ARG’s for Learning 6/30

Whether you are new to games or want to discover how they can be used for learning you won’t want to miss the PANMA session to get the latest information. This session is for anyone in education, corporate or looking for new innovative ways to get your audience to participate and learn. We’re lucky to have Koreen Olbrish from Tandem Learning to share her knowledge and experience with you. Tandem Learning has been at the forefront of immersive learning strategies and applying game dynamics to educational projects. Koreen will share the latest trends in serious game design, including 3D immersive games and alternate reality games (ARGs), and how these design techniques can increase engagement and facilitate learning. For those new to serious games, Koreen will provide an overview of why games are great for learning, when games should be considered, and the basics of different types of serious game design. Case studies of corporate learning implementations of games will also be reviewed.

Q & A Panel

We’ll close the evening with a Q&A panel where you can ask your questions.

You’ll learn about:

– Current trends in applying game dynamics to learning

– How serious games can engage learners differently

– Alternate reality games and their advantage in immersive learning design

Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time: Doors open: 5:30pm / Event Starts at: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Location: Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Room G-55, Phila, PA 19104 | Directions: http://bit.ly/7trnIP

Cost: FREE

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided. A special Thank you to our Sponsor Wharton Technology for providing the space and pizza.

Register at http://panma.eventbrite.com

Mobile Madness : Developing for iOS & Android on 5/26

You don’t want to miss our next event on mobile development. Join us as we dive into the latest tools and technologies to develop games and apps for the iOS and Android platforms. You’ll learn about the latest mobile development technologies, GameSalad, Corona and HTML5 based frameworks.

Joe Kaufman, Fire Maple Games, will present Developing Games for the iOS and Android markets.  A demonstration of GameSalad and Corona for creating games for iOS and Android platforms. Joe will share his experience in designing and building games, what works, how to market and a sneak peak at his latest game in development. http://www.firemaplegames.com/

Robert Hall, Feasible Impossibilities, will present A look at the new Adobe CS 5.5: Using Flash for iOS and Android Development, how does it work, what’s involved and a look at the new features in 5.5. Providing interactive software development for kiosk, web, mobile platforms. Rob is a  Adobe Community Professional, Adobe Solution Partner, and Manager of the Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group – http://www.pfpaug.org/ http://www.impossibilities.com/

You’ll learn about:

– An update of the current mobile landscape, iOS, Android 2.x, 3.0, Blackberry, Windows 7

– Three of the hottest technologies in Mobile Development: GameSalad, Corona and Flash CS 5.5

– Which development environment may work best for you and your projects

– Play with a iPad 2 and Xoom

– What upcoming technologies to focus on the next 6 months

Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time: Doors open: 5:30pm / Event Starts at: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Location: Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Room G-55, Phila, PA 19104 | Directions: http://bit.ly/7trnIP

Cost: FREE

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided. A special Thank you to our Sponsor Wharton Technology for providing the space and pizza.

Register at http://panma.eventbrite.com

PANMA/Philly Tech 2010 Holiday Party on Thursday, December 9th

We’d like to show our appreciation for your continued support and attendance at our events by throwing a big blow out holiday party. This time we’ve invited Social Media Club – Philadelphia and several other local tech/creative groups to join us in the fun! So whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, come on out and help us celebrate!

Keep in mind, this party is not merely for social networking — it’s also a great opportunity to network professionally in a social environment.

Click here to RSVP for this FREE event!


The best parties are the ones where everyone pitches in, and in the spirit of the season, we’re looking for a few good organizations and individuals to put the finishing touches on a fantastic evening!

All levels of sponsorship receive acknowledgment in the event’s promotional materials, not to mention one heck of a shout-out at the party.

Event Sponsor ($300 or more)
Your generous contribution will keep the party going strong.

Beverage Sponsor ($150)
It’s hard to mingle and chat when one’s throat’s dry — so how about buying drinks for our partygoers?

Food Sponsor (up to $75)
Keep our party attendees munching on the Khyber’s delectable takes on Southern cuisine.

Ready to heed the call of sponsorship? Contact Marilyn Moran (phillymarketing -at- gmail -dot- com) or Reed Gustow (mercury2 -at- verizon -dot- net).

Thursday, December 9th
Khyber Pass Pub
56 S. Second Street
Philadelphia, PA

More details TBA very soon!
[Read more…]

Technology Connectors Seeking Technology Professional Volunteers

This message is on behalf of Tracey Sisko of the Arts & Business Council of Philadelphia.

Technology Connectors™, a program within the Arts & Business Council of Philadelphia (an affiliate of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce), is the only comprehensive technology assistance program dedicated to the needs of Greater Philadelphia’s arts and cultural community.

Since 2001, the Technology Connectors has partnered with more than 50 technology businesses and professionals, bringing a wealth of expertise to meet a critical need in the arts.

Technology Connectors is looking for volunteers to work on their 2011 technology planning projects. The projects will run from January to June 2011 and time commitment varies from 5-10 hours per month to an as needed basis.

If you’re interested in volunteering or simply want to know more about Technology Connectors, click here for more information: http://www.artsandbusinessphila.org/tc/volunteer.asp

Delivering Video on the Web | Spotlight on HTML5 & Flash on 11/30

Delivering Video on the Web
HTML 5 and Flash – What makes sense today!

Join us for our last PANMA educational event for 2010. We are going to dive deep into world of Video on the Web and provide you with what you need to know to get started or enhance your video delivery.

Introduction to Digital Compression for Video & Audio
During this presentation we’ll discuss video compression, the best formats, how to compress your content for optimal playback, delivery and how to prepare you clients for viewing content. You’ve heard about the HTML 5 video war, we’ll share the latest and what we would recommend for delivery today. We’ll also discuss the information that you need to know about using mobile devices including iOS, Android and 3rd party devices. We’ll discuss and demonstrate free, shareware and full blown applications for optimizing your content for the best playback on the web and mobile devices. By the end of this presentation you’ll understand the software tools to prepare your content for delivery today and into the future. We’ll also look closer at free audio editing tools and how to get the best compression for your audio content as well as record your phone interviews for use in podcasts or presentations.

Delivering Your Video Content

We’ll look at the next generation of web apps that you can use today to package, edit or create your content for online delivery. We’ll event look at new models for pricing and charging a fee for your online video content.

What you’ll learn:
– HTML 5 Video Codecs and what works today
– Introduction to Compression formats and optimal settings for audio and video
– What tools can I use for free and what should I pay for?
– The latest web tools that help me deliver, review and track content
– Using SmartPhones for Video and Audio Recording and Instantly Uploading to for access to the world
– Understanding the latest formats, cameras and techniques for capturing, editing and compressing content

Date: Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010
Time: Doors Open: 5:30pm Event Runs: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Cost: FREE

We’ll also have some stocking stuffers including gift certificates and iPods to raffle off at the event.


Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA (rather, hopefully by one of our sponsors!).

Learning Event: eCommerce Demystified with Magento – CANCELED

eCommerce Demystified with Magento


Are you thinking about adding eCommerce to your web site or are you a designer/developer who has clients who are looking for a solution? You won’t want to miss the next PANMA educational event where you’ll learn about the hottest ecommerce platform that is designed for growth.

You’ll learn:

Robert Brodie from SUMO Heavy Industries will present the technical and design aspects of Magento. He’ll also demo several site examples and explain how Magento enhanced the site.

Julian Barkat from MJM Commerce will present on how Magento can integrate with your marketing efforts and teams.

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA.

Learning Event: Getting to Know Drupal on 9/28

Getting to know Drupal
“Come for the Code, Stay for the Community” is the newly adopted tagline for the Drupal project. At this session we’ll give you an introduction to both the code that is driving the extremely fast adoption of Drupal, as well as the community that makes, builds and supports this truly Free and Open Source Software project (meaning: unlike projects like WordPress, Alfresco, or MySQL, no company owns Drupal).

What we’ll cover:
Some of the main reasons that organizations and companies are adopting Drupal, including the module and theme systems, robust content creation and organization features, tight integration with most popular APIs, its user & role system, content permissions, flexible workflow, etc.

– What’s new in Drupal 7, including the Database Abstraction Layer that has opened the door for running Drupal on Oracle, MS SQL Server, Casandra, etc, to improved core media handling, the move from ‘nodes’ to ‘entities’, fields in core, and more.

– Acquia’s Drupal Gardens, a hosted ‘Software as a Service’ version of Drupal 7, meant to compete with WordPress.com and other hosted website options.

– The Drupal community. Drupal owes much of its growth to the early adoption of the platform by community/political organizers, and these same people use their online organizing skills to enable the Drupal community to scale faster and better than most other Open Source projects. We’ll look at where the community works/communicates, how it operates, and what makes it tick (hint: talk is silver, code/work is gold).

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg is a Partner and Business Lead at Zivtech, LLC. Zivtech is an Open Source Web Development Shop located in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in building powerful and scalable Web Applications and Enterprise Content Management Systems

Drupal in the Real World
Following a look at the technology and community behind Drupal, we’ll share what it’s like to build a site with the platform today. We’ll look at how to plan a Drupal-based site, how to document the information architecture requirements, how to choose the right modules for the job, and how to solve common site-building challenges without hacking.

We’ll leave you with an amusing tour of 5 things you *can* do with Drupal, but *shouldn’t.* *Ever*.

Nathan Gasser is founder and president of Rock River Star, an internet consulting and development company focussed on implementing open source web and social media solutions for non-profit, higher education, and corporate clients.

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA. Doors open at 5:30pm, event runs 6:00 – 8:00pm. The cost is free.

Learning Event: WordPress Demystified on 6/29

Are you looking for a easy way to build and launch new sites for clients and have them manage the content? Join us for the next PANMA educational event where we’ll have 3 new speakers discussing the WordPress platform and demonstrate how you can take advantage of it today for building your next generation site, whether for your own team or for your customers. We’ll also demonstrate and discuss the new 3.0 features that will launch soon.

What you’ll learn about:

Introduction to WordPress and Why to Use it for Your Next Site
David Hitt of Splat Productions

A Look at the new features in WordPress 3.0
Lew Goettner of Wharton

Case Study: TechnicallyPhilly.com
Technically Philly is a news site that covers tech, venture capital and startups in Philadelphia. Sean Blanda is one of the three co-founders of Technically Philly, lives in Fishtown and can beat you in poker.

Case Study: The Temple Fox MIS
David Schuff of Temple University
The Temple Fox MIS site applies WordPress MU and BudyPress to create an educational community in which close to a thousand members teach/take courses (as blogs), create personal e-portfolios (replacing student resumes), learn about and engage with each other (through BuddyPress), and aggregate their knowledge (through aggregated RSS feeds, e.g, of faculty research).

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Time: Doors: 5:30pm / Event Starts at: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Cost: FREE
Location: Jon M. Huntsman Hall, Room 240 on 2nd Floor, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA.

Web Security Demystified on 5.25

Many web developers think that if they’re not storing sensitive data, they don’t have to worry about security. Unfortunately, recent high-profile security failures, like Twitter’s breach in June, have made it exceedingly clear that this isn’t true. As malicious hackers get more and more creative, web developers have to find ways to keep up. We’ll discuss why web security is important for both your school blog and your bank, give examples of where you can go wrong, and cover best practices on how to keep your web applications secure (it’s not as hard as you think!).

We’ll be covering:

  • Common and emerging vulnerabilities in web applications,
  • How these vulnerabilities work, and why developers should care,
  • Tools and practices to find security holes in your work, and
  • Practical examples for many common developer platforms (.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and more).
  • Details
    Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010
    Time: Doors: 5:30pm / Event Starts at: 6:00 – 8:00pm
    Cost: FREE
    Location: Jon M. Huntsman Hall, Room JMHH F-90, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
    (Please note, “F” is for FORUM, which is down the main stairs from the ground floor)

    Presenting will be Justin C. Klein Keane and Dave Konopka.

    Justin Klein Keane is a senior information security specialist with the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences. Justin earned his master’s degree in US colonial history from James Madison University and is currently pursuing his master’s in computers and information technology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science. Justin has worked in information security for nearly a decade, beginning his career as the editor in chief of the Hack in the Box e-zine. In addition to being a programmer and participant in several open source projects, Justin is an active security researcher and penetration tester. Justin is a regular contributor to the Full Disclosure mailing list, credited with dozens of vulnerability discoveries. Justin is also a member of OWASP Philadelphia, as well as Infragard, and presenter at local and national information security gatherings. Justin is a certified expert penetration tester and certified ethical hacker.

    Dave Konopka is a Philly based software developer working for Bayside Technology (http://www.baysidetech.com), a software consulting firm. Dave’s worked for over 10 years on web and desktop software projects. He writes about tech on his web site I Make Web Junk (http://imakewebjunk.com). You can find him on Twitter @DaveKonopka (http://twitter.com/davekonopka).

    Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA.

    All PANMA events are free and open to all unless otherwise indicated above. Please register, though, as it helps us plan for the appropriate number of attendees.

    HTML 5 Demystified ON 4/27

    Join us for our next event, HTML 5 Demystified. As the open standard for web applications, HTML5 takes markup to a new level, requiring web developers and designers to re-examine the way they’ve worked in the past, and will be working in days and months to come. We’ll help demystify HTML5 as well as provide real-world insight into how to begin using aspects of the language today and what resources to dive into to get started. We’ll also discuss the latest browser support and how video works within HTML5 directly.

    We’ll Cover

  • Understanding HTML 5 – what you need know to get started
  • What technologies to focus on in getting started
  • Browsers – A look at the latest browsers and what each is currently supporting and when they will support next
  • Video Codecs – understanding what is currently support directly in the browser
  • Resources – a quick start guide to where to learn more and keep up with the new proposed standards
  • Details
    Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010
    Time: Doors: 5:30pm / Event Starts at: 6:00 – 8:00pm
    Cost: FREE
    Location: Jon M. Huntsman Hall, Room JMHH G55, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

    Pizza & light refreshments will be provided by PANMA.

    All PANMA events are free and open to all unless otherwise indicated above. Please register, though, as it helps us plan for the appropriate number of attendees.

    2010 PANMA Survey

    We have quite a few event ideas for 2010, but before we finalize our schedule we’d like to get a sense of what our members are looking for in the coming year.  Please take 60 seconds to fill out this quick survey:

    Take the PANMA 2010 Survey


    Philly Creative Mega Social on Thursday, December 3rd

    The PhillyCreative Mega Social will rock out again this year on December 3, from 6 to 9pm at North Bowl, 909 North 2nd Street in Northern Liberties!

    Naturally, PANMA will be there! Come join us for a great time!

    The Creative Mega Social is Philadelphia’s largest annual gathering of creative professionals. It’s a night for you to join your compatriots from all walks of Philadelphia’s creative community to network, enjoy free food, bowl, drink and win some cool prizes! All at Northern Liberties’ nightlife hot spot – North Bowl Lounge n’ Lanes.

    Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 – 6:00pm to 9:00pm

    North Bowl Lounge n’ Lanes (http://www.northbowlphilly.com)
    909 N. 2nd St.; Philadelphia, PA 19123

    Get Directions (http://tinyurl.com/northbowl)

    Register Now for the Mega Social – Space is Limited!

    The cost? Absolutely free with a donation of canned food that night to Philabundance.


    Participating Organizations:

    American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) – http://www.asmpphilly.com
    Philadelphia Area New Media Association (PANMA) – http://www.panma.org
    Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group (PFPAUG) – http://www.pfpaug.org
    Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GFPO) – http://www.film.org
    Philly Illustrator User Group (PIUG) – http://groups.adobe.com/groups/1d8136263d/summary
    Philadelphia Flex User Group – http://www.phflex.org
    Social Media Club Philadelphia (SMC Philly) – http://socialmediaclub.pbworks.com/Philadelphia
    Philadelphia Photoshop User Group – http://groups.adobe.com/groups/020002a345/summary
    AIGA | the professional association for design – Philadelphia – http://www.aigaphilly.org
    PhillyCHI – http://phillychi.acm.org



    the boss group – http://www.thebossgroup.com
    Marketing Capital Management – http://www.mcm-i.com
    North Bowl Lounge n’ Lanes – http://www.northbowlphilly.com


    With over 400 attendees last year, the Creative Mega Social is an event you won’t want to miss!

    Space is limited! Don’t wait, register now!

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    October Learning Event: CASE STUDY: Designing & Implementing a Web App for a Large Organization

    Geoff DiMasi Presents Designing & Implementing a Web App for a Large Organization
    Do you have a lot of departments in your organization? Do you each have your own brand or web site? How do you get each group to work together to centralize the look and feel? If you currently work within a large company or university, join us for this great case study on how P’unk Avenue helped Duke University develop, design and integrate into their workflow. During his discussion, Geoff DiMasi of P’unk Avenue, will demonstrate how urban planning techniques can be applied to design and technology challenges that everyone faces. He’ll also discuss, how they launched a open source tool, from this development and how you might use this in your web developments.

    Some of the topics that will be discussed:

    • How can you use design to respect the goals/mission of individual departments or entities inside a large organization?
    • Shouldn’t there be a strict brand guideline for all organizations?
    • Won’t you end up creating choas if you allow for individual design solutions?
    • What is the balance between design control and freedom in a horizontal organization?
    • Do you have to redesign and rebuild all of your websites at once (if you have more than one)?
    • What are basic urban design principles?
    • Should universities be using open source or enterprise solutions?
    • How does an open source solution advance the mission of my higher education instituation?
    • Why is respect so important in the design process?

    About the Speaker: Geoff DiMasi heads up P’unk Avenue and co-founded Independents Hall. He organizes the Junto, co-organizes IgnitePhilly, and helped get BarCamp Philly going. He founded the Passyunk Square Civic Association in South Philadelphia and was an artist member and board member of Vox Populi gallery. He currently serves on the Marketing Committee for the Board of the Free Library of Philadelphia. A former full-time Multimedia professor at the University of the Arts, he now serves as adjunct member of the faculty.

    Apostrophe™ is a content management system designed for maximum flexibility with a minimal learning curve. The interface is ergonomic, all content-editing is performed in-context. Manage levels of user permission. Organize and integrate photos and videos in the media library. Create complex page hierarchies quickly. Learn more att http://www.apostrophenow.com/

    Space is limited! Please register to save your space!

    Pizza & Light refreshments will be provided by PANMA

    Slides from You’ve Started a Business – Now What?

    Gloria Bell from Red Stapler Consulting spoke at our September event.

    Here are the slides from her presentation.

    Many thanks to Gloria for an informative presentation.

    Creative Associations Showcase

    Network with your fellow creative professionals and meet representatives from regional technology-driven, creative associations at Center City District Sips, this summer’s hottest happy hour series.

    Join Innovation Philadelphia, Center City District and the design associations listed here on August 19, 2009 at Thirteen. This is a unique opportunity to learn how you can get involved in the Philadelphia Region’s creative associations, as well as network with other creative professionals. Drink specials and appetizers will be available.

    Please note: you must pre-register for this event at the Innovation Philadelphia site. If you do not register, you will not be admitted. Click here to pre-register.

    PANMA.ORG Update

    PANMA is pleased to announce the 2009 release of our web site.  We hope our new site will continue to help us connect the community and continue to share and inspire everyone. We’d like to give a special thanks to Chris Morrell for the great job he has done in developing the site and we look forward to everyone working together to continue to demonstrate how great the Philadelphia technology innovation community is.

    We’ve had a great start to 2009 with our Learning Events on Social Media, The Latest in Hosting, Search Engine Optimization 2009, Making Philly Work for You Resources for Creative Professions and we have several new events planned.  Stay tuned!