April 30: Delivering Experiences Beyond the Screen with Virtual Reality

The phrase virtual reality has taken a beating over the past 2 decades as it wasn’t within reach based on previous technologies, costs and implementation. At this point, VR often brings to mind some 90’s post-apocalyptic image, people living outside of society wanting to escape life, or gamers or Star Trek HoloDeck. But the future may actually be upon us as over half the US adult population now has a smartphone powerful enough to connect and create virtual experiences. Will we finally be able to close the door on vaporware and broken virtual promises? Join Frederic and Georgia has they explore and provide a overview of the VR landscape, how its evolving and exciting new possibilities just around the corner.

What You’ll Learn

  • A brief history of new media screen technology
  • Origins of Virtual Reality
  • What it’s like to experience VR in its simplest form
  • Use VR with sensory inputs & outputs for health to business
  • Experience VR at home (easily and cheaply) using your smartphone
  • What the future holds (Google Cardboard, OculusRift, Microsoft Hololens)

Fredric-Freeman_140x140Fredric “Fresh” Freeman is an Interactive Art Director & Designer and has been on a journey fueled by creativity and innovation, initially sparked by a Packard Bell 486DX 33mhz, a Das EFX CD and floppy disk copy of Doom. Along the way, he has reshaped the image of the largest banks in America, helped transition one of the nation’s most recognizable brands into the world of mobile, toured the nation as a DJ and became a professor of Interactive Design and Animation. His award winning tours of duty include stints at Razorfish, Tierney, Bristol Myers Squibb, Philadelphia University, Ultra Records, and Lombardi’s Original Brick Oven Pizza in Philadelphia.

Georgia-Spangenberg_140x140Georgia “Slice” Spangenberg is a Design Researcher with Intuitive Company putting herself inside the minds of users and designing interactive experiences for them; her credentials, limitless. As graduate of Temple University with a degree in Psychology specializing Human Factors, she found the perfect job that enabled her to use her skills of analytical thinking, empathy, and design. Her work has ranged from brand campaign digital experiences, to new product launch strategies, to designing large-scale web platforms. She’s presented at UPA, participated in designing a dashboard for Planet Earth care of the United Nations, and co-authored an encyclopedia article. Besides that – stories, heart man, cats, nature, polaroid cameras, drift wood, architecture.

Register: https://panma.eventbrite.com
Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program runs 6 – 7:30pm. Networking until 8pm
Location: Wharton School of the Univ. of PA, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Room: 270

March 26: Crafting Front-End Style Guides

In most instances the word Style Guide conjures thoughts of a document outlining specs on things such as logo spacing, colors, and typography – all defined for a print medium. This type of document was never intended to be translated directly to the web; but when built and maintained for the web, it can make a site more performant, improve  user experience, aid in onboarding new team members, and increase design and development efficiency. In this talk, Jana Veliskova and Brian Crumley will demonstrate how to find efficiency in building front-end design systems from a living Style Guide.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is a Style Guide
  • What are the benefits of implementing a Style Guide
  • How to audit your existing site elements
  • What components can make up a Front-End Style Guide
  • Challenges in Implementing Style Guides / UI Toolkits in organizations
  • How to Overcome Challenges
  • Implementing Style Guides / UI Toolkits / Pattern Libraries in new projects and established ones
  • Examples of Style Guides created by Jana and Brian
  • What resources are available for creating Style Guides

About Jana Velíšková (@jveliskova)
Jana Velíšková is a programmer and UX professional who currently works as a Front-End Engineer at RJ Metrics in Philadelphia. Jana strives to create rich, accessible, and usable web applications; focusing on user experience and clean semantic code. She believes collaboration is the key to a better Internet and thus participates in a wide variety of meetups and conferences. She has recently spoken at UXCamp DC, at BarCamp Philly, and at Front-End Philly Meetup. In the past year, she has led the Girl Develop It Book Club, which encourages women to advance their career in technology.

About Brian Crumley (@briancrumley)
Brian Crumley is a Lead Front-End Developer and UX Consultant for O3 World in the Fishtown-area of Philadelphia. He’s passionate about creating high performance responsive web experiences that are built on semantic code and strike a balance between business goals and user needs. Brian is a regular attendee of local events and has championed community engagement as an organizer of both BarCamp Philly and Content Camp Philly the past two years as well as planning the UX-focused, one-day Forge Conference in Philadelphia.



Register: https://panma.eventbrite.com
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2015
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm. Program runs 6 – 7:30pm. Networking until 8pm
Location: Wharton School of the Univ. of PA, Huntsman Hall, 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Room: 270